Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope


“If the real world is a crisis of confidence and limitless possibility, Star Wars is the cure. It always has been. Since 1977, this film has been rousing the human soul from its slumber and demanding that it snuff out the silent acquiescence of fear. Because fear is the mind-killer. Because fear is the manifestation of evil.”

My Star Wars write-up is LIVE over at Drunk Monkeys today. This was one of my favorite film essays to write, and it was also one that took me forever. I wrote several different drafts before deleting them all and trying again, eventually consolidating all of my thoughts into this hopelessly optimistic reading of one of the greatest films ever made. Please read it. Please share it. Please enjoy.


UPDATE: The discussion around Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope is now LIVE as well. In it, a few of us have an in-depth conversation about the film, its lasting impact, and key memories we took away. Check it out HERE.