Fiction / Short Stories

Looking for something to read? I’ve collected together some of my favorite short stories, fiction pieces, flash fiction, etc. below. Let me know which ones you enjoy the most. Feel free to message me on Twitter. As always, thank you for reading. I greatly appreciate it!’

Read “Night Sky” –>

“Night Sky” is a dreaming of what once was, in a vision of a lunar colony far in in the future.

Read “We’ve Come a Long Way” –>

“We’ve Come a Long Way” is about the horrors we bring with us on our quest to colonize Mars.

Read “It Costs $46.50 to Kill a Rat, But the Memories Last a Lifetime” –>

This flash piece is a creative nonfiction account of the trauma of losing a pet.

Read “16-Bit Heroism” –>

Nostalgia, childhood, and video games collide in this fiction piece about a one child’s quest for heroism.

Read “Shimmer” –>

“Shimmer” is a flash fiction piece reflection about death. It’s beautiful and haunting, and it was my first fiction piece published at Drunk Monkeys.

Read “Following Orders” –>

“Following Orders” is about one man’s journey to bug limbo. It’s a tale of revenge, of what awaits people in the afterlife if they kill too many insects.

Read “Leviathan” –>

“Leviathan” is a dystopian nightmare flash fiction piece, and it bears witness to quite the monstrous mutation. It’s a little Lovecraftian, but with much more of a Fallout vibe.

Read “The Pit” –>

“The Pit” is a quick horror flash about a man trapped in a pit, as the name implies. It’s one of my earliest published pieces.

Read “My Cat is Secretly a Kaiju” –>

As the name implies, this is a fun little piece outlining all the ways a pet cat embodies the spirit of a Kaiju.

Read “The Corpse Door” –>

“The Corpse Door” is a piece originally written for a Kolchak: The Night Stalker 50th anniversary collection. It made it through to the final round but didn’t make the final cut. It’s great for people looking for pulpy stories with horror elements.