The Batman Universe Podcast Interviews

As cohost of The Batman Universe podcast, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing many talented writers, artists, and more. Find a list of my interviews below.

I had the incredible luck to interview Batsuit movement double Carl Newman, who performed throughout much of Batman (1989). This is an incredible interview, and it’s so amazing to hear Carl’s stories from set, as well as his reflections on a genre defining performance.

Carl Newman Interview

If you haven’t been reading Batman: Wayne Family Adventures on Webtoon, you’ve been missing out! It’s a fantastic series helmed by an immensely talented team. I was lucky enough to interview CRC Payne, the writer of WFA.

CRC Payne Interview

Red Hood: Outlaws Creative Team Interview

One of my vices, beyond comic books, is coffee. I interviewed Coffee ‘n’ Capes dynamic duo John and Dave. They have a podcast and a comic-themed coffee business that you really should check out! If you want to watch this on Youtube, check out my interview with Coffee ‘n’ Capes here.

Coffee ‘n’ Capes Interview

This is one of the coolest interviews I’ve ever done. I interviewed three people at once! This episode features Athena Finger, granddaughter of Batman co-creator Bill Finger, Rick Stafford, The True Aquaman, and Lenny Schwartz, playwright and director of Bill Finger: Rise of the Bat. You can watch my Rise of the Bat interview on Youtube, too!

Rise of the Bat Interview

Buffalo’s Best Batman is a cosplayer and advocate on a mission! He’s a Batman fan that serves as a great example of what cosplay can accomplish.

Buffalo’s Best Batman Interview

Dr. Travis Langley is a comic fan, psychologist, and author. This interview explores his book Batman and Psychology on its 10th anniversary, as well as dives into what makes our favorite heroes and villains tick!

Dr. Travis Langley Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my heroes in this one! Michael Uslan is a producer, comic book expert, author, and more. He’s also one of the most important people responsible for bringing Batman to the big screen. You can watch my interview with Michael Uslan on Youtube, too!

Michael Uslan Interview